The Lauridsen Skate Park

Des Moines will hopefully soon have a skate park within the city limits, and not just any skate park, but one of the largest open parks in the country. But how long this will take to become a reality has remained unclear for a long time; the idea was first introduced nearly 15 years ago.

Photo of the plans for Lauridsen Skate Park

According to this article from the Des Moines Register, they have finally finished funding the skate park and have begun clearing the area of trees and brush.

This skate park will gave skateboarders a place to skate in Des Moines, and business owners and other pedestrians will be pleased to know that this means they’ll be skating less around the streets.

The park will also be a great way to attract young people and more creatives. The park will be able to host a variety of tournaments and is estimated to attract around 40,000 visitors a year.

The website goes further in depth regarding the benefits of having a skate park in Des Moines here.