Rig Rundown

While I’m not much of a gearhead, I love my rig, and thought I’d share it on here. Any thoughts on different pedal configurations I can try, or pedals I should consider adding are appreciated!

I play in a pop-rock group, some jazz groups, and a shoegazey noise rock type of group. I’m able to get a diverse enough sound from my rig for all these genres.

2018 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster


I bought this guitar used for 200$ less than they go for new and haven’t wanted to play anything else since.

The 2018 model marks the switch from Rosewood to Pau Ferro on the neck due to new regulations on the wood. Feels really similar to me, appears to be just a bit lighter than Rosewood, if anybody has thoughts on any sort of effect on tone it might have I’d love to hear them!

The guitar also has Special Design “Hot” Single Coil Pickups made only for this Guitar which can get a bit noisy and sensitive sometimes, but are nothing too out of control.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe


No modifications, exactly what you expect from a Fender Hot Rod, very nice and clear clean tone. The reverb on it sounds great, but unfortunately works only occasionally on my amp. I almost never use the overdrive.


(The pedals sit in my chain this order)

Fairfield Circuitry Accountant (Compressor)

Compresses my signal! Sounds good and simple to use.

Electro Harmonix Pog 2

This pedal is incredible. While it can generate four different octaves, it also has a low pass filter, an attack control, and a detuning function. This pedal has made my guitar sound like an organ and all other sorts of crazy things. The preset function is also really useful for performing.

MXR Wylde Overdrive

Stomp Under Foot Violet Menace

One of my favorite pedals I own. Stomp under Foot Fuzz pedals are all made by the same guy out of recycled Electro Harmonix parts. I went with this one because it has a mid control which has gotten me some really unique sounds.

Malekko Tremolo

Really simple and nice sounding tremolo. Like the Accountant Compressor I use, its small, which is really nice. Sounds like it changes the tone a little bit but not for the worse; it sounds nice and sparkly.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay

Also one of the wilder pedals I have, the black fountain delay can have all the functionality of a pretty standard delay pedal, but it can also be switched to organ and vintage mode. These modes emulate older oil can delays and have a pretty unique sound.

Boss RV-5

Pretty diverse, sounds really good. I wish it had a reverse reverb function on it but thats asking a lot for how much these go for.