About Me

I have performed and produced music in a variety of acts. My musical experience has included Jazz, Pop, and even heavier genres like Punk or Metal.

My studies and experience in Music Production, Digital Media Productions, and Performance provide me with a diverse set of skills and help me solve problems in creative ways.

I currently play guitar in the Des Moines area with Drake Jazz One, Mechanical Snail (a Drake Jazz Combo), Pop Artist EleanorGrace, and band Days of Our Lives.

While honing my skills on my instrument, I’ve been working hard on the art of recording and music production. I currently record out of a home studio in my basement, but soon will be moving to a place in Des Moines with a bigger space more isolated from sound.

In addition to my music studies, I have spent much time studying other forms of media, and the ways people perceive them in our current media landscape.